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What does Thanksgiving Mean To You?

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

By Jacob Pursell

What does Thanksgiving break mean to you? That might change this year. In some of the most recent news, students are going to have the option to remain on campus during the entirety of Thanksgiving break, or to stay home for the final three weeks of the semester. This raised many questions from many different students that live on campus. 

Thanksgiving is normally one of the very few times a year students can spend quality time in person with their loved ones. For many on Simpson’s campus, this is a huge decision that they said they did not get a voice in.

Ivan Sevilla, a starting wrestler for the Simpson team, stated, “I am just concerned that with my season if I don’t go see them during that break then I will not see them at all this semester. With our wrestling season getting pushed back to December it makes this just that much harder.” 

Thanksgiving break is the only time with family for a long period of time for many of Simpson’s student-athletes.

On the flip side of this, if students do decide to leave, then they are not allowed to return to back on-campus living. 

The email from Julie Engelsman, Director of Res-Life, says, “Students who choose to travel and not return to the residence hall for the last three weeks will not receive a housing refund, as the choice to leave is optional.” This also caught the attention of some of the students living on Simpson’s campus.

"I was surprised when I first read it (the email)" ~Ivan Sevilla

Simpson professor Mirek Woznica said, during a class lecture, ”Simpson’s diversity on campus is great, but is Simpson inclusive with these diverse student’s ideas?” 

Diverse students mean diverse ideas.

"Students should be able to provide a negative COVID test result in order to return back to campus." Troy, starting swimmer on the Simpson team for the second consecutive year, said after reading the following.

Email screenshot

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