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Whiskeytown Cemetery: Serene or Spooky?

By Hayley Wylie

Whiskeytown Cemetery is not your typical cemetery.

Located just a few miles past the Whiskeytown visiting center is a cemetery filled with unique, quirky graves.

According to SFGate, the cemetery was originally intended for the poor. It was a place for people who couldn’t afford a typical burial to be laid to rest. However, the untraditional headstones and serene location have caused the cemetery to attract all sorts of graves. Including those of children, millionaires, and even homeless.

Unfortunately, after the devastating 2018 Carr Fire, the fun and peculiar cemetery has become a bit eerie.

Upon arrival, it’s easy to see the remaining damage from the wildfire. The giant trees are left black and leafless, no birds or wildlife seem to find refuge in the burnt area. The once grassy area surrounding the graves are brown and brittle, with every step the sound of breakage fills the air. The only thing that seems to be thriving is the small insects.

Despite the fire damage, there are still many gravesites that were left unharmed.

Many of the most memorable headstones came in the form of benches with the person’s name and death date carved into the wood.

There are also two brothers; James Scott Voorhees and Patrick Ronald Voorhees. Both headstones reading “Mom’s Favorite”.

Almost every headstone has something memorable about it. Whether it be the handmade iron plaque or the weird toys and quotes placed on headstones. There are clearly many fascinating stories to be told.

Although a trip to the cemetery may seem morbid and strange, this one is worth the detour.

Whiskeytown Cemetery will provide you with tons of excitement and a memorable time.

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