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Winter and Spring Sports Struggles

By Kassandra Soria

As the 2024 year starts, the Red Hawks continue competing with winter sports in the crazy Redding weather. The real issue, how are these teams competing in weather hazards and why.

Unfortunately, some sports teams are struggling with practicing and playing their scheduled games which has been causing some issues for these athletes because of the weather. Not only does this take away reps. But, all these athletes want to do is play the sport they love.

I was able to talk to some student athletes, to see how they react to these conditions. Track and Field/Cross Country answered some questions having to do with their sport and if there are any challenges, this is what they said.

“I like running early in the mornings so I have the rest of the day free for school and work. It only really sucks when we run in the pouring rain,” Jewels Zaragoza said, “But there really isn’t a place for us to run inside when it is’s usually on a treadmill and I get worse shin splints, so it makes no sense for me to run on a treadmill. The only thing that sucks is when it rains and we run 5 miles in it”.

“I wish we had our own track so that we didn’t have to worry about driving to places to run,” Abigal Kang said.

After hearing both responses it is clear all sport teams are determined to compete.

Athletes of both winter and spring sports share this challenge. Another example of getting work done is both basketball teams staying over their winter breaks and only going home for a couple of days.

Both Baseball and Softball have started to practice and play with weather hazards. This has made it difficult as well but, both teams both find ways to get work done this upcoming season.

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