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Athlete by Day Scholar by Night

By: Andrew Galindo

Image By: Fine Art America

Simpson athletes give a synopsis of what it is like to be an athlete and what it takes to stay in shape during the season and offseason.

With Simpson population being mostly athletes, this article will present what a day in the life of those athletes looks like.

The morning is the most important part of the day for athletes, it really dictates your whole day because if you are not well rested you might set yourself up for failure. Recovery is a big part in athletes' lives and sleep is the biggest contributor to a good recovery.

Simpson’s very own pro-baseball player Connor Wytko gave us his breakdown of his morning.

“I focus a lot on recovery, so I like to wake up at 830. Eat some breakfast and if I have class go to that. If not, I’ll try to get ahead on some homework or take some relaxation time before I start my day.”

If an athlete has free time before team practice, they will get out there early to get some work in before. Whether that is stretching, conditioning, or fundamentals. The greatest athletes in the world do not just rely on practice with the team. They also put time in when nobody is looking and that is a part of what makes them great.

“I usually get out there about an hour and a half before to get through my full routine and to get my mind ready, to flip a switch from everyday life to baseball.” says Wytko.

His hard work and dedication have gotten Wytko places, this Summer he will be playing independent baseball up in Oregon for the Campesinos de Salem-Keizer. Wytko’s past two seasons at Simpson have been solid, batting over .300 both seasons.

“My favorite thing about Simpson is the relationships I've made, and I like the guys on the team a lot and we all get along. So, its fun getting the opportunity to play baseball with people you like.

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