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Celebrating Black History Every Month

By Christian Valdez

Photo from SU Diversity and Excellence Instagram

Black Student Union organized a memorable event for Simpson students to celebrate African American culture in March.

The Simpson community gathered in the Student Union on March 22 for a black history celebration. The event began with serving soul food at 5 p.m. Then the students logged onto a black history-themed Kahoot! to compete for prizes. The night concluded at 9 p.m. after watching the film 42.

Black Student Union president, Taneyea Lashell Boyd, helped orchestrate the event. Although Black History Month concluded before the event,

“Here at Simpson, we are going to celebrate black history every month,” Boyd said.

Black history is not just limited to a month. Boyd described the Kahoot! as a fun way to educate people on black history. This was enjoyable for the students, setting the stage for the celebration. The food had the same effect. Curley Wilson cooked collard greens, ham, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, cornbread, deviled eggs, and banana pudding for the students.

The Simpson community came together for this celebration. Boyd said that creating community is what the Black Student Union is all about.

“A place not only for those on campus who identify as black or African American students, it's also for people who are friends and allies to come learn about our history, our culture and make everyone feel more included on campus and create a sense of community,” said Boyd.

BSU welcomes everyone. The club meets biweekly. The members meet to talk about their experiences. They also discuss black history topics. Shondra Dickinson and Curley Wilson play pivotal roles in making these meetings possible.

“Just because it's called black student union does not mean that it is only for African American or those who identify as black, it is for everyone on campus and you don’t have to feel like you are not welcome because it is for everybody,” Boyd said.

Anyone can join the club. You can reach out to the president of Black Student Union for more information on meeting dates. Do not be intimidated by the club itself.

“BSU is a big community, so it is not much about titles, we are just there to have fun, enjoy each other's company and be safe,” Boyd said.

If you enjoyed this event, then being a part of the club may be the right move for you. If you are interested in learning more about African American history or just looking for some community – the BSU is right for you.

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