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Connections Between Hitler and the United States

By: Andrew Galindo

Image By: Andrew Galindo

Logan Gomes touches on the importance of propaganda and how the U.S. influenced Hitler.

Last week's symposium was great. To start of the day the guest speaker of the day Dr. Lane touched on the pilgrimage through life and the importance of really taking a step back in your life to try and find your true meaning. One of the most interesting things he talked about is how so many animals know how to get back home when they have never been. Like the monarch butterflies or sockeye salmon. Dr. Lane gave the students a great lesson on life.

Many great speakers throughout the day spoke but one stood out amongst them all. Logan Gomes spoke about the rise of propaganda during WWII and Hitler’s plan that he carried out with his propaganda. He starts off hot by teaching the audience that Hitler really took the United States propaganda from WWI and used it to his advantage.

“He told us that the message needs to be real but with little lies spread throughout. The Nazie regime planned to attack the conscious of the German people so that they would believe anything Hitler said to be true. They did this through using radios and censoring the terrible things so the Nazis could instill their own agenda.”

Logan’s main goal for this paper was to expose the realism of propaganda in our world today, although we might not see it, there are still many of these things going on today in our world.

Logan had the audience attentive to what he was saying, and the reason people loved it was because it related to our society today.

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