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Give Big To The Pig

By Daisy Brenegan

What is “Give Big to the Pig” you may ask? Here are all the details.

Starting on Jan. 18, the Give Big To The Pig campaign kicked off. This is a fun way for Simpson students to share in the spirit of philanthropy as a means of stewardship training. By participating in this campaign, students give a little something back. All the funds raised in the piggies will support the university’s student scholarship fund.

“You can come pick up a piggy from my office on the third floor of the owens building #304 or get one at any of the events we will be holding this year,” Raymond Van Gilst, Director of Alumni and Church Relations, said.

To participate, pick up a piggy bank and fill it up with any type of change or dollar bills. When your piggy is full, you can bring it to any of the Big Pig Round Ups throughout the school year. There will be competitions throughout the semester including grade competitions, blinging competition and much more!

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The first competition was a drawing. Pablo Ortega, a sophomore student from Valladolid, Spain, won a box of Simpson Swag.

“Sometimes things aren’t fun to do but the outcome matters more than the action itself,” Ortega said.

There are many piggy events planned for the semester, including regular pig weigh-ins, pig hunt, pig-n-a-poke midnight corn hole contest, pig-n-a-blanket midnight breakfast, piggy round up and county fair.

Stay informed by checking your school email or by contacting Raymond Van Gilst with any questions you may have. Start filling those piggies!

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