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It’s a Great Year to Be a Red Hawk

Photo by: Nichole Martinez

By Jacob Greene

The newest ASBSU administration is ready to get to know students and enhance the student experience at Simpson University.

The Associated Student Body of Simpson University is led by President Noah Bryerton and Vice President Gianna Smith. During the ‘22 Fall semester Smith, upon hearing that Bryerton was interested in running for ASBSU President offered to be his Vice President. Smith wanted to be a part of Student Leadership after stepping down as Resident Assistant (RA) before beginning her student teaching in Spring ‘23.

“I loved Simpson so much my first year here and thought it would be a great idea to apply for the Presidency and convey my love for the school to other students,” Bryerton said via email.

When asked what three things people should know about you Bryerton said via email,

“I love the Lord, I love meeting new people, so if I don't know you yet, let's change that! I love Simpson.”

When Smith asked what people should know about her, she said that,

“I love people, I love country music, and my dream grade to teach--is 1st grade.”

Bryerton and Smith said they wanted to be President and Vice President because of their love of Simpson and their Christ-like love of people.

“I love having people around, please come to the office hang out,” Smith said.

The duo has a unique feature that fully encapsulates their mutual love for Simpson and people. When someone new visits their office (found on the bottom floor of the Student Union) they get to take a picture of themselves and put it on the wall.

“If people come to say hi, chances are you will have your photo taken and put up on our ‘Simpson Family Board,’” Bryerton said via email.

Smith also oversees the rentals, which are recreational equipment for student and club use.

Bryerton and Smith both love having office hours and working closely with people like Sarah Jobson, Mark Endraske, and the President of Simpson University–Dr. Hall.

Smith explained where the administration is at on executing their initiatives,

“We have not really started working on initiatives at all. We just have office hours where we’re getting to know students and then we’ll have cabinet meetings starting up later this month,” Smith said.

The first cabinet meeting was held on Oct. 2. The administration is excited to see what initiatives their cabinet brings to them and how they can better the school.

“With our cabinet, we will ask them what the student body is passionate about changing, and then we have a small budget to make changes to Simpson’s campus,” said Smith.

This is not to say that there is anything wrong with Simpson, but there is room for improvement. Bryerton wants to enhance the students’ experience with Simpson University.

“I want to help bridge the gap between the students and the upper administration,” Bryerton said via email.

If you want to stop by to borrow a rental, meet your President and Vice President, be added to the “Simpson Family Board,” or help call attention to any improvements you think may be needed on campus their office hours are:

Bryerton, Mon.-Fri. 8 a.m.-10 a.m.; Smith, Mon.-Fri. 1:30 p.m.-3:30 p.m.

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