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Make The Wellness Center Great Again

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

by Daisy Brenegan

Photo credit: Franchesca Carrera

The Wellness Center has undergone several changes this past year, including the nurse and counseling services.

In previous years, several emails would go out to the students promoting hours and events held by the Wellness Center. The emails were also used to inform the student body that there are resources for them. This year, however, it has only been promoted once in an email sent out by Mark Endraske on February 10th.

According to Endraske, Simpson University no longer has a counselor on campus throughout the day. She can only be seen by appointment, there are no walk-ins available.

Information is posted on the door of the Wellness Center to contact someone urgently but it’s not posted around the school.

At the fireside chat held on the 10th, Endraske stated students are able to have three counseling sessions for free and any followup session costs 65 dollars. According to several returning students who attended the chat, last year they received one free session then had to pay ten dollars for every following session.

Although the budget has significantly gone down, Student Development has been trying to make small improvements, said Endraske.

Recently, Simpson adopted a new app called HealthiestYou. The app allows you to contact a doctor 24-7, talk to a therapist, and find cheap medicine.

Nurse Teri, who has dealt with students having problems with the app said, “It’s an informational app not really an app that can help you much. It’s good for those that don’t have health insurance but still you can’t do anything the doctor told you to do. Like if they told you to go to urgent care but the student has no insurance, they cannot get anything done.”

She also said, “Parents need to be aware before they send their kids to school that their insurance does not work in this area. All you have to do is call and have it changed over to this area and the problem is solved.”

Nurse Teri is often there by herself. Many students say she is a life savior and helps in any way she can.

“I love nurse Teri! Last spring she basically saved me, I had a terrible ear infection and she gave me medicine that fixed it in 2 days,” explained Sophomore Eric Norris. “Having a counselor and nurse are both important because not all students have insurance to see outside resources.”

Junior Christian Alvis said, “The nurse is very important. There are a lot of students who cannot drive to the hospital or might not have medical insurance. So having the school nurse is definitely important for students and having a school counselor. College is stressful and students have mental breakdowns all the time. We need people to talk to.”

Nurse Teri’s hours are Monday-Thursday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. She also mentioned she is eager to help and get to know the students.

To have your opinion heard, fill out the Wellness Center Survey sent to your Simpson email.

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