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Senior Spotlight

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

by Daisy Brenegan

These seniors were asked three questions:

What is your favorite food at the cafe?

What are your plans after you graduate?

Who is your favorite professor at Simpson ?

Photo credit: Katie Hollingsworth

Katie Hollingsworth

1. “My favorite food at The Caf is the French Fries. I steal my boyfriend’s French fries from his to box all the time.”

2. “My plans after I graduate are, I’m starting law school in the fall! I’m currently deciding between the University of Alabama and Seattle University.”

3. “My favorite professor has to be a three way tie: Dr. Costillo, Dr. Bailey, and Dr. Slane. They have all been incredibly formative in my personal life and in what I decided to pursue for my career! I wouldn’t be the same person and have the same passions I do now without them. They wrote references for my law school applications too!”

Photo credit: Connor Rowe

Connor Rowe

1. “My favorite food at The Caf is the burgers. They always taste fire.”

2. “My plans after I graduate is to make money and get my masters.”

3. “My favorite professor is John Ayabe. He has challenged me the most to grow in my work and helped grow my passion for history.”

Photo credit: Charisma Anderson

Charisma Anderson

1. “My favorite food at The Caf would be the tomato soup and grilled cheese!”

2. “My plans after graduation are to move to SoCal, and experiment with what I want to do because I have a couple options.”

3. “My favorite professor is Molly Rupert!”

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