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Short on chapel credits? Well, if you need them Simpson has your back.

By: Armando Barcenas

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Here at Simpson University students are required to attend chapel. The set requirement for the semester is to attend 17 before the semester ends. For students that do not meet this requirement before the end of the semester there are consequences. The first penalty is a warning, so consider it strike one. The second penalty will be chapel probation where the student may not hold a leadership position, represent the University in any way, participate in intercollegiate athletics or join traveling music teams (unless the student is a music major or minor). That is strike 2. The third penalty will be chapel suspension where the student is not allowed to attend Simpson university for one semester. That is strike 3.

If you are short on chapel credit, do not worry. There are plenty of opportunities to attend events that allow students to accumulate more credits toward chapel.

Every week at Simpson University there are events held to obtain more chapel credits

  • -FCA Fellowship of Christian Athletes that meets every other Sunday at the gym at 7 pm or 8pm

  • - Alpha group that meets at Collord Humphries every-Monday 6-7pm, Tuesday 11:45-12:45, Thursday 8pm-9pm

  • - Roots that meets every week at 7pm at Collord Humphries- Spirit Men 5:30pm at OC204

  • - Alive in Christ 7pm at Morgan second floor lobby- Upper Room 5pm at the GCI.

Jacob Vincent, a team Representative for Wrestling, recommends attending the FCA.

“The FCA is kind of fun, and it is run by athletes, so it is a good experience,” Vincent said.

In FCA a person can learn more about God, listen to stories on how he has affected people and interact with fellow athletes.

Dylan Harrell has attended Alpha from time to time and recommends attending this event to make up chapel credit.

Harrell states “I like going to Alpha since it’s a way to learn about the Christian faith, and it’s a great way to listen to other people's experience with God.”

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