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Spencer Crandall Rising on Charts, Capturing Hearts

Photo by: Spencer Crandall (Spotify)

Written by: Caitlin Chavez

Country singer, Spencer Crandall continues to capture more hearts through his first tour, The Western Tour with his music and story.

Crandall, 27, began his songwriting career after he had to end his college football career due to a shoulder injury. He shared that he questioned his purpose after that decision because he loved playing football, and pursuing that career was part of his plan.

He saw his guitar sitting in his dorm room, “grabbed his guitar and started playing,” Crandall said. He shared that he went from singing covers, to writing his own songs and sharing his music on social media. Shortly after, his little sister introduced him to Tik Tok to check out. He responded, “I’m not a 13-year-old girl.”

However, he shared that decided to investigate Tik Tok for himself and realized there was more than just trending dancing videos. As but people sharing their music as well.

“I think there’s something there,” Crandall said.

One of his songs he posted on Tik Tok, My Person, went viral hours later. He even made a wedding version of My Person; and people used the song to share their relationship stories and first wedding dances on Tik Tok.

He shared that he had no idea one of his songs going viral would bring him to the place he is today within his career. In the beginning of October, he started his first tour, The West Tour. performing throughout most of the United States. Even though a few of his venues were not super big, a few of his shows were sold out, including one of the venues in Los Angeles.

One of his fans, Teagan Haubrock, shared her experience after attending Spencer Crandall’s concert in Los Angeles.

“Meeting him for the first time, I was filled with excitement. Spencer talked about some of his songs, and why he wrote them. Most of his songs really inspired me and helped me get through my day,” Haubrock said.

From this point in Crandall’s journey, he shared that his hopes are to continue to create the music people love and enjoy.

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