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Tidbits From the First Fireside Chat

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“Tidbits From the First Fireside Chat”

By: Noah Bryerton

The first “Fireside Chat” of the year has come and gone. Let me catch you up on what you missed!

Hosted in the Bean Scene, the “Fireside Chat” was an opportunity for students to come and ask Dr. Hall questions/ and offer suggestions about the school. Dr. Hall also summarized what has been happening at Simpson.

The first topic talked about at the event was football. Dr. Hall let the students know that Simpson has fundraised more money in the past two years than ever before. Hall also mentioned that football brings many students in, all while providing a major source of weekend entertainment.

The future Business Technology/Engineering building was discussed next. Students who attended were able to see multiple architectural drawings of the building. Included in the plans was a 300-seat theater and a massive Simpson sign that lights up in the evening.

It was then time for students to ask their questions to Dr. Hall.

Jack Morgan asked, “Do you think football will change the culture on campus?” Dr. Hall reminded us that God is not going to hand us anything that we cannot handle. Hall assured us that the future coach of the football program will be an amazing leader who is able to evangelize to players.

The next question came from Jacob Greene who asked about getting the pond restocked with fish. As he asked this question, Dr. Hall received a phone call from his mom, which he promptly declined and said to the students “I just hung up on my 83-year-old mom to talk about your fish.” Hall said that they are already working on stocking the pond.

Michael Bray asked the next question “What does the alumni association look like?” Students learned that before Dr. Hall entered his role, Simpson did not connect with alumni. Simpson is in the process of creating a “Young Alumni Association” that targets students who are four or less years out of school. Hall then taught those in attendance the saying “learn, earn, return.”

The final question of the evening was asked by David Berry (from Zimbabwe) which was “What is homecoming?” Hall explained how alumni and their families have an opportunity to come back on campus to celebrate Simpson. Attendees were also told about the plans to have a ribbon cutting ceremony on the baseball field paired with an alumni game and fireworks.

Dr. Hall’s last words of the evening were a reminder to be kind to people and trust God.

If you missed this evening of conversation and Mrs. Hall’s cookies, do not worry. There will be a few more “Fireside Chats” throughout the year. Keep your eye out for posters detailing when the next one will be.

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