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Ruby’s Reads

By Ruby Churchill 


Add a 1950s gambling thriller and a novel of The New York Times censorship to your bookshelf. 


If you are interested in some thrilling entertainment, the works of David Baldacci are for you. A Gambling Man is the second installment in the Archer series. I am a long-time fan of Baldacci’s work, so I am thrilled to offer my thoughts on this novel. 


Aloysius Archer is a man with a secretive past. He begins his career as a private detective in Bay Town. There, Archer follows a blackmail scandal that involves a politician running for mayor. Then two people are murdered at a burlesque club, seemingly with no connection to each other. Baldacci has mastered keeping the suspense between chapters. The reader is left wondering what will happen next during this novel. 


However, this thriller is not without faults. Baldacci often writes about subplots that have little to do with the story. The reader may get frustrated that the plot has not moved forward. The book could realistically have been much shorter with some extra details taken out. This would have elevated his work. Despite this, people interested in crime thrillers and drama are sure to enjoy this novel. 


If you are in the mood for something more consequential, William Proctor’s The Gospel According to the New York Times is a great read. 


Proctor is a Harvard graduate and former reporter for the New York Daily News. He details the rise of culture influencing American values. According to Proctor, for years The New York Times has been censoring certain stories while shifting others to the limelight. As a result, people have altered their views on controversial topics such as abortion, religion, romance, and environmentalism.  


If you are not used to reading statistics, the numbers cited in Proctor’s work can be dizzying. The fact that Proctor supports his claims well does not distract from his bias, which can be clearly seen in certain parts of the novel. Regardless, this book is another interesting and entertaining work. 


You can find both of these reads on Amazon. Read a sample paragraph there and see what you think. 

“A Weekend to Remember” 

By: Noah Bryerton 

Simpson University hosted its inaugural “Presidential Summit” Sept. 15-18 at Montage Laguna Beach. The event was attended by 120 alumni and donors.  

The Summit raised over 1.6 million dollars for Simpson University. This money will be put towards the new business technology and engineering building, events center, and student scholarship.  

Special guests included New York Times bestselling author Bob Goff, Food Network chef and author Simon Majumdar, and “The Voices of Rock Radio.”  

Attendees at the summit were treated to world-class amenities and food. Each special guest hosted a session for attendees to enjoy. These sessions ranged from a rock-n-roll concert to hearing about Christ’s love for us to enjoying a three-course meal.  

This was a special weekend for so many reasons. Dr. Hall and his leadership team plan to make the Summit an annual event.

Simpson University Clubs:

  • Adventure Club 

  • Asian American Fellowship and Experience 

  • Black Student Union 

  • Engineering Alliance 

  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) 

  • Fishing Club 

  • Game Club 

  • Nursing Club 

  • Pickleball Club 

  • Political Science Club 

  • Spirit Club (The Red Sea) 

  • Sustainability Club 

  • SU Vida 

Snow day at Simpson University






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