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L A T E S T  N E W S....


Students need to send their results to covid@simpsonu.edu. Staff and faculty have to send their results to HR.  


When? Testing is every Wednesday and Friday 9-3 with a break for chapel, at least until the 19th. 


Who? Those who are not vaccinated need to get tested. That includes faculty, staff and students. 


Where? Testing is held in the Student Union. 


Why? We have to get tested to ensure we keep the Simpson community safe. 

Outdoor Living Skills

A three-credit class where most of your time is spent outside.


That is what you get from the Outdoor Living Skills class that Professor Scott Barnett teaches. With relatively no homework, this can be a perfect elective to take when you need to fill your schedule.

Diverse but United

Simpson University students are predominantly white, yet the campus is more diverse than the entire county.


2 years ago Simpson University had little to no representation for the several ethnic groups and nationalities that were part of the Simpson student body.

Athlete by Day Scholar by Night

Simpson athletes give a synopsis of what it is like to be an athlete and what it takes to stay in shape during the season and offseason.

Fine art America.jfif
The Batman

Some movies are worthy of a visit to the big screen, whereas others are okay to wait for the DVD. The new Batman film, directed by Matt Reeves, starring Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz, is a movie well worth a trip to the cinema.

All Gas, No Brakes

Money might be coming your way through Gavin Newsom’s plan to combat the frightening rise of gas prices in California.

Governor Newsom plans to provide $11 billion to California residents according to the Office of Governor Gavin Newsome.


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Snow day at Simpson University








Day 1 Flashback to Golf CalPac Tournament

Swoosh sounds the golf ball. Flashbacks from Simpson University golf team at the Cal Pac tournament on Monday April 11 at Gold Hills Golf Club.

OPINION: The Batman: Dark and Broodingd Chips

The tale of the Caped Crusader has been rebooted again.


“The Batman” arrived in theaters on March 4, after being delayed for over a year due to COVID-19 . The film is set in Batman’s second year of dawning the cape and cowl when Gotham faces a new threat of The Riddler who has been working to terrorize Gotham City.


Many students wonder what happens on campus or why things happen the way they do. Susanna Talley is the Associated Student Body President at Simpson University. She shared what she does and what the ASBSU role is here on campus!


ASBSU meets weekly on Wednesday nights with all 10 of their collective members, including President Susanna Talley and Vice President Jessalyn Lankford. 

ASBSU: Featuring Susanna Talley  

A look in the life of a Red Hawk 

Saving lives and busting rhymes, Robert Krause is as busy as they come.  


Robert Krause began the nursing program at Simpson this year. Born in Fort Bragg and raised in Woodland, Krause said he first came across Simpson when his hometown pastor recommended it to him.

“Pimpson University”

A meme account was created and deleted within a week. What was the real meaning behind the Simpson meme account?


Over spring break a student who wants to remain anonymous created a meme account on Instagram...

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